Getting ready for a Pinewood Derbyâ Race?

Maybe we can help!

Our father and son racing team have had many enjoyable experiences in our years of racing Derby cars.  Not only that, we have been able to be highly successful in the art of building a fast pinewood derby car.  With our advanced technilogical age there are now many websites available to help you build a speedy car and even an awesome show car.  We don't have all the answers but hopefully we can bring you information and tips that are presented in a systematically and orgnized way that makes sense to you.

What Makes us Different?

We were able to successfully take first place in my son's Cub Scout pack for 3 years.  We also placed 2nd, 3rd and finished 7th in the Council races with over 100 cars racing at each Championship during my son's 4 years in cub scouting.  The first year we didn't even know that they had Council Championships!  Those are impressive results but what really makes us different is that we were always totally legal.  Most derbies allowed having one wheel off the ground - we always had to have all 4 touching.  We never lightened our wheels and always built the car with what came in the box. 

Cubmasters and Pinewood Derby Event Chairmen,
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